My corner of the small internet

2020-07-30 / 2 mins read

I've had my current homepage (mostly a blog) for a bit over two years now. It has served its purpose: I've written technical content and gained experience. I will continue to do so at my own leisurely pace.

But in May I found some very interesting things.

I very soon got myself a VPS, moved this website over, and set up a Gemini server. I've now written 16 blog posts on gemini:// I've made a couple of my own gemini-related pieces of software in Rust and Python, and contributed to a couple in Rust, Go and Python.

Gemini is not for everyone. But for those who enjoy long-form text content written by ordinary people, it's a nice fast-growing scene.

After a while I also started checking out tildeverse and pubnixes (*nix community servers you can join). I realized I can actually get my first name as nick, so I'm now, etc. Time will tell whether I'll use those in the long run. It's been fun to try, at least. I especially like the idea of building communication tools for *nix users that only write in home dirs.

So this is me: a nerd overjoyed by some still-uncharted territory. Writing unpolished content and hacky software in the esoteric corners of the small internet. If this interests you, install a Gemini client or get a pubnix account!